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Nowadays, companies are starting to develop their own mobile applications so that their customers have a connection with the institution 365/7 at all times, so that the information of their products, services are always at hand.

Additionally, a mobile App provides a strong positioning when carrying the institution's logo as the App's logo.

We help you detect the area of opportunity and present the best cost benefit solution.


Light, practical, intuitive, manageable, friendly, colorful, functional.

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Mobile apps.

Just imagine from the palm of your hand you can buy, reserve, consult, send, inform, request, notify, ask, call, locate ... and all directly from mobile applications, without going out to the browser or to the phone book, mail, etc. .

The smartphone is the dominant platform in terms of total minutes for users looking for content on the internet.

  • The use of applications covers more than 80% percent of the time users spend on their mobile devices worldwide, and in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil it goes up to 90%.

  • According to INEGI data, the number of users of the network in Mexico is 71.3 million, of which 64.7 million of them use a cell phone.

  • The applications allow you to create reuse campaigns so that current users continue to generate revenue, optimize them and calculate the value of a user's lifetime within the application.


Smartphone users in Mexico 59million
Hrs. a week intended to surf the web 36 hours
Mexican Internet users who prefer to use the smartphone 91%


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Certified Security

Data security, intruders, malware and spam some of the additional defenses that can be offered.

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Loyalty programs

Among the different marketing campaigns is the possibility of loyalty programs that support maintaining the customer base, increasing average sales and obtaining new customers without low acquisition costs.

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Memberships and Benefits

Different levels of membership with a wide variety of permits and re-assignable benefits per level.

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Subscriptions and Term Payments

Periods, auto renewals, deadlines, auto renewal reminders, everything that is needed.

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Product customization

Ideal tools for product customization in virtually any material and form.

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Customer Administration and Management

Having the history of everything that affects the relationship with customers every day brings business intelligence.

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Forms / Forms

 Custom forms to conduct surveys and questionnaires to have a more structured data collection.

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Mobile APPs

Move all the benefits of your portal to the mobile devices of the current and potential customer base.

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All our services and products are guaranteed, the entire development and implementation process is carried out in constant communication and still delivered, an accompaniment is carried out to ensure that the entire solution has been fully assimilated and meets the original expectations, even so If the result is not entirely satisfactory, the investment made is reimbursed 100%.


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