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(Management and Customer Relationship)

Because customers are the most important asset of any organization, their timely attention and follow-up is vital for the subsistence and growth of the business. thus having a clear vision of the relationship with customers.


The CRM solution offered has the possibility from a cloud portal to have full visibility of agents, companies and customers. Assign tasks, calendar visibility, follow-up to emails, tasks, proposals, transactions, invoices and orders. Whether existing customers or potential customers. Customers who arrived through social networks, web, surveys, mail, contact forms or simply recommendations. Simple searches or advanced filters. Import and export of clients and reports. These are some of the characteristics of our CRM

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Management and Customer Relationship (CRM)

Every company has potential customers, active customers and customers to recover, that means that the relationship that exists with the company in any of its status is essential to have a history and profile of the same for its prompt and accurate response when the time requires.

Resources ready and in position.

A CRM allows the organization to align the resources that it counts for the prompt attention of the needs of its potential and existing clients. And thus react immediately and accurately without hesitation since in many cases the opportunities are unique and unrepeatable.

  • Different means of capturing customer data.

  • Organization and distribution of information based on the characteristics of the business.

  • Distribution of customers internally.

  • Clear breakdown of the interactivity that takes with customers and their various needs.

  • At all levels the system has control and monitoring activities that are automatically triggered upon reaching your brand.

  • All necessary reports at all levels for the necessary control, supervision and adjustments.


Sales team reported that they improved their productivity with CRM software (Data2CRM) 50%
87% of current CRM systems are cloud based; by comparison, 88% of CRMs were local systems in 2008. (GetCRM) 87%
Accessing a CRM from a mobile device increases the productivity of sales teams up to 14.6%, on average. (Super Office) 15%


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Payment plans


Certified Security

Data security, intruders, malware and spam some of the additional defenses that can be offered.

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Loyalty programs

Among the different marketing campaigns is the possibility of loyalty programs that support maintaining the customer base, increasing average sales and obtaining new customers without low acquisition costs.

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Memberships and Benefits

Different levels of membership with a wide variety of permits and re-assignable benefits per level.

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Subscriptions and Term Payments

Periods, auto renewals, deadlines, auto renewal reminders, everything that is needed.

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Product customization

Ideal tools for product customization in virtually any material and form.

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Customer Administration and Management

Having the history of everything that affects the relationship with customers every day brings business intelligence.

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Forms / Forms

 Custom forms to conduct surveys and questionnaires to have a more structured data collection.

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Mobile APPs

Move all the benefits of your portal to the mobile devices of the current and potential customer base.

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All our services and products are guaranteed, the entire development and implementation process is carried out in constant communication and still delivered, an accompaniment is carried out to ensure that the entire solution has been fully assimilated and meets the original expectations, even so If the result is not entirely satisfactory, the investment made is reimbursed 100%.





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