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Nowadays the cost benefit of having your data solutions in the cloud as opposed to having them on your perimeter are very clear.

From the operational continuity, security, support capacity and finally updating of equipment and their respective guarantees of equipment and services.

While a solution in its perimeter requires redundancies of Internet access, energy backup infrastructure, assurance of electrical and temperature conditions, constant monitoring and updates of Hardware and Software that in the long run are investments and that comparing them with cost services in the cloud in view of the client, it only holds a fixed income for the service that covers all of the above and not worrying about all the implicit services.

The data clusters have the latest infrastructure, redundancies and monitoring that guarantee services in 99.9999% of the time with the best access, equipment and personnel that guarantee the maintenance of data and services in the best possible hands.


Certainty, trust, operational continuity, data security, application availability, competitive prices.

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We help you get the best presence on the Internet with all the options for terminating your name, which allows you not to be limited to your availability. Examples of terminations

.club, .biz, .info, .shop. io, net.,,, name., .corp, org, and the most common .com

Points to contemplate to select your cloud service

  • Amount or weight of the data and the possible growth that may have the Database of your service. Since e-commerce portals or administration services for customers or workflows over time tend to grow exponentially because of the information collected over time.

  • As the bandwidth of connectivity is unlimited, it is irrelevant but the information to be transmitted, here it is only important to detect the end user which bandwidth is estimated to have when accessing the information and always try to keep the images and videos in their Less weight possible.

  • The availability of the services and their recurrence, is definitely a factor to consider since depending on the application to provide the end user the use of RAM and availability of ports and CPU services is directly impacted, so if you plan to have In time a trade portal or a service administrator or clients with several recurring users invite you to contact us to make a diagnosis and provide the best solution for presence in the cloud.

  • The level at which you want to involve in the administration, security and maintenance of your server since there are 3 types of solutions:

    • Self-administered in which conectius absorbs all responsibility for your information and service
    • Manuals where the client absorbs the responsibility of maintenance, security and administration of his control panel where conectius only gives the work area
    • Mixed where conectius remains a consultant and supervisor of the services implemented and their optimal functioning.


Linux Cento 6.0 PHP 6.0

Availability 99%
2T Disk Space 60%
CPU usage 10%
8MB RAM usage 45%


Monday to Friday9:00 – 6:00

   +52  81-8185-1546

  • Page Hosting
    1dx1sx1m backup

  • Hosting Portal
    1dx1sx1m backup

  • Hosteo Portal with
    CPanel desktop
    30d backup

  • Mail accounts

    SSL optional

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Certified Security

Data security, intruders, malware and spam some of the additional defenses that can be offered.

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Loyalty programs

Among the different marketing campaigns is the possibility of loyalty programs that support maintaining the customer base, increasing average sales and obtaining new customers without low acquisition costs.

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Memberships and Benefits

Different levels of membership with a wide variety of permits and re-assignable benefits per level.

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Subscriptions and Term Payments

Periods, auto renewals, deadlines, auto renewal reminders, everything that is needed.

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Product customization

Ideal tools for product customization in virtually any material and form.

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Customer Administration and Management

Having the history of everything that affects the relationship with customers every day brings business intelligence.

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Forms / Forms

 Custom forms to conduct surveys and questionnaires to have a more structured data collection.

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Mobile APPs

Move all the benefits of your portal to the mobile devices of the current and potential customer base.

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All our services and products are guaranteed, the entire development and implementation process is carried out in constant communication and still delivered, an accompaniment is carried out to ensure that the entire solution has been fully assimilated and meets the original expectations, even so If the result is not entirely satisfactory, the investment made is reimbursed 100%.


+52 8181 85 1546



9:00 am - 6:00 pm Lu-vi